Our oceans are more and more turning into a plastic soup, threatening life in the ocean. The cause of this not only lies in companies producing and wasting plastic materials, but also in consumers losing plastic objects on the beach.


With 80% of all countries bordering an ocean, there’s a lot of beaches where people contribute to this problem.


If visitors of beaches are part of the problem, we can also make them a part of the solution. By offering something that will feed oceanic life instead of killing it.


We’re going to make the world’s first fish-friendly flip flops. If lost, they won’t become part of the plastic soup, instead they will be eaten by fish. Giving market leader Havaianas a great opportunity to help the environment.

How will it work:
Well, in the Netherlands, 25.000 kilo of shrimp are peeled every week in the Groningse Leens. In April a new factory allows them to peel 100.000 shrimps a week. This gives a lot of shrimp waste, which until now had no other purpose. Yeah, and?

University of Nottingham and the Nile University have developed a plastic made from shrimp-shells. This plastic, ’Shrilk’, is biodegradable. They haven’t found a purpose yet for this new material. Up until now.


By collecting the garbage from the peeling factories we can make a sustainable material and reduce the overall waste.

When the Bouillabay’s find their way into the ocean they wont be part of the plastic soup. This will reduce the worldwide problem. Fish will eat a natural product instead of plastic. People will eventually eat less plastic (because our fish contains less plastic).

2018-04-19 18.02.32.jpg

Worked with: Janneke Bladt - Julie van der Meiden