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Transitioning away from fossil fuels with today’s technology means changing our cityscapes: retrofitting existing buildings to reduce energy consumption, and integrating energy infrastructure much more seamlessly across the metropolitan landscape, in our neighbourhoods, and in our homes.


But strict regulations, a lack of space and the perceived ugliness of clean energy interventions has become a barrier to their adoption in Amsterdam’s metropolitan region. Reconcile livability with the need to transition to renewable energy.



Block-e makes clean energy accessible and creates awareness of energy usage. It does so by enabling clean energy to become a new currency


Block-e describes our vision for the future of green energy. A future where generating and trading energy will be accessible to everyone. A future where everyone is aware of their energy usage.

Our idea:

Using clean energy as a currency and enabling the people of Amsterdam to generate clean energy by biking. We want to achieve our vision by introducing three new products:

  1. Blocke, a high capacity powerbank that acts like a wallet, 

  2. the Slide: to connect and charge Block-e with a generator while cycling and 

  3. the Dock: a payment system that transfers energy. 

Our team wants to inspire people to be more consious about their energy use. But that alone isn’t enough for us. We also want to inspire change around this topic and persuade people to take control over their own energy use. 

We believe that in the near future, Amsterdam could run on clean energy. And we feel block-e will be an inspiring first step in realizing this vision.

Team: Anouk Snijders - Ties Schotel - Annabella Rijksen

0460 922 302

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