Best Student Company of the year 2015

When I was 18 I started the final year of my studies Spatial Design, Presentation and Communication at The Rooi Pannen, in Tilburg. Together with some classmates we started our own business. We called ourselves 'Switch7' because we were all distinctly different. Together we made our product, the 'Watt' lamp from scratch.


We participated in a large national business competition called 'Student Company'. If after a lot of sweating and pitching, we can call ourselves the best young entrepreneurs of the Netherlands. After that we went on to the international business competition, called the JaEurope* in Berlin. We made it to the third place.


I was 'director' and led the team. This experience has taught me a lot. From how it works to set up a company and run your own business, to pitch and present you and your team.

Worked with: Chiara Berendsen - Fleur Klavers - Daphne Bijl - Lindsey van Otterlo -  Lotte Streekstra - Pauline van Eikhoudt