The New Sidewalk tile. The climate is changing, we know that. We also know that cities have to make a few changes because of this. One of these changes is how to deal with the amount of rain that will fall after the year 2050. How can cities with a lot of tiles and asphalt get rid of the water.


I lived in Rotterdam during this project. Rotterdam is a city with a lot of buildings, roads, asphalt and stones. When there's a cloudburst, some parts of the city are flooded. In the future this will cause even more drama with the heavier cloudbrusts. That is why I've invented De Nieuwe Stoeptegel. This side walk tile is made from 20% biochar and 80% biopolymers. The materials ensure that the tile can absorb a lot of water so that rainwater can cause less nuisance and damage, plus it nourishes the soilBiochar makes the tile a natural storage source for CO2 and the tile is 100% biodegradable. 

Graduation project finished cum laude.

Nominated Drempel award.

Nominated Bachelor award.

Partnership with: Sigrid Calon (graphic designer) - Municipality of Rotterdam - NetEnergy (biochar) - Biopolymer centrum Avans (biopolymer).

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research paper

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