North Sea Jazz Festival

Every year, there is an art poster competition for the North Sea jazz festival in Rotterdam. It is a big jazz festival with people from all over the world. For these posters I worked together with Thijs Mosterman.

During the research on the festival, we where shocked by the ticket prices. That's why we made a poster to express the ridiculous amount of money they asked. To make a clear statement (and yes, we know we couldn't win with this one).

The second poster is an 'official survival manual for North Sea Jazz'. Based on the army survival manuals. We made a poster that you can fold as a book. It explains

how to look, listen, play and dance on Jazz music. 


It was a great project to work on, almost no one liked our posters. But everyone was talking about the statements and designs we made.


Client: North Sea Jazz Festival

Worked with: Thijs Mosterman