P(l)ay Attention

Early 2017, Tom Sibma and I created 'Play Attention' for a study assignment. The assignment was in honor of a deceased artist. Instead, we honored Tommy-Boy. The 13-year-old Tommy-Boy Kulkens wanted to become a deejay, but died in 2015 while looking at his phone during cycling. He was preparing a playlist for his sister's birthday. 


The purpose of this project is to create awareness about the risk of cycling while you are busy with your phone. The idea is to break the cyclist's routine.


"Everybody knows it's dangerous, everybody knows you need to stop for the red light, unfortunately not everybody does that. To put a ban on it, does not help, you have to break the routine to make an impact.”

We've got a lot of media attention with this project and are proud to say that in the Netherlands, already 8 Play Attentions are established. We are now working on international establishments.

We won gold with the Spin Awards: 

Golden Spin Award Young Talent. https://www.spinawards.nl/home 


Worked with: Tom Sibma

City of Rotterdam - Hoeflake electrical engineering b.v.