Google AI for awareness 

After seeing this in the news, 'the phone call that the google assistant made to the hair salon for booking an appointment at the Google I/O 2018'. My mind was blown. I'm so inspired by all these new inventions. But there was also a part that scares me.. It sounds so real, you can hardly hear the difference between a human and a Google assistant. Google assistant can know everything and will never forget an appointment. Actually this is so inhuman.

That brought me to an idea. Unfortunately for something that is human: Alzheimer's.

It is a collaboration between Google and the alzheimer's foundation of America. On one day, 21st of September World Alzheimer's day, the Google assistant will not remember everything that is programmed/asked.


Oke oke, I hear you thinking, it will not happen with every Google Assistant, but with a few. So we can create awareness for this mental disease.